Environmental education in the classroom is more effective when the school community takes its own steps to become more sustainable.

There are six course modules in the Carbon-free Campus Programme. It can be integrated into existing curriculum or run separately as an extra-curricular activity. To access the programme and track progress a student or a teacher creates a school account but a student must designate a teacher to validate the project. Once the account is set-up, the Carbon-free Campus Committee (a.k.a the EcoCrew) can set up individual user accounts to contribute to the school’s progress on each module. In the first module, Getting Started, schools lay the groundwork for the project. The other modules can be completed in any order. Each module gives information and guidance to complete the tasks with a checklist to be completed. Once reviewed and verified by the faculty advisor that module is approved. When all modules are completed the school earns the CC Nautilus badge and is added to the CC community of programme graduates.



Getting Started





Education Levels